H2 Marine is a creator of zero emission solutions for maritime operations.

Hydrogen Hub in Rørvik is a joint venture between NTE and H2 Marine.

NTE is one of the largest renewable energy producers in northern Norway.

History of Kråkøya as a hub for green hydrogen

NTE and H2 Marine first partnered in 2021, to create a value chain for green hydrogen. Together, NTE and H2 Marine spearheaded a project with Moen and Salmonor to create a work vessel fueled by hydrogen and a small scale hydrogen production unit. The project received governmental soft funding of 16,4mnok in Q4 2021 (Pilot-E), and is set to be completed by Q4 2023. The production unit (xmW) will be located on Kråkøya, outside Rørvik, and will produce 60kg of hydrogen a day when running at full capacity. The Vessel, a 19ft. Moen NABCAT is a special design and is the first work vessel to solely run on hydrogen.

Feasibility studies

Great learning experience


With SINTEF, the planning for a larger scale facility began.

Rørvik at a glance

Close to shipping channel

Nearest neighbour to the Norwegian skipsled, granting access to a large customer base and setting up the possibility of export at scale.

Local, renewable energy

Access to local, renewable energy at affordable prices to drive competitive prices.


Large, dedicated area with infrastructure well suited for scalable production.

Adjacency to customers

Adjacency to customers of byproducts, such as oxygen and heat, ensures utilization of byproducts.


Kråkøyveien 290, 7900 Rørvik, Norway

Håvard Grøtan Nilsen

Håvard Grøtan Nilsen
Project manager Hydrogen Hub Rorvik
(+47) 918 92 947

Øystein Farsund

Øystein Farsund
CEO H2 Marine
(+47) 928 39 123